Transformational Retreat

- exploring new perspectives in the Ecuatorian jungle -

03.04.-09.04.2022 or 25.04.-01.05.2022

More than a usual retreat

Explore yourself and get new perspectives.

7 days that could change your life.

This is for you if...

  • you feel unhappy and often keep swirling through negative thoughts and emotions
  • you constantly run into conflict with your partner, family and friends
  • you have the feeling that there is something holding you back from living your full potential
  • you are stuck and don‘t know how or even where to move at all

Nowadays, especially in the times of the pandemic, we often feel trapped, powerless, incapable of really influencing external factors, which seem to be determining the course of our lives. In the same time we are overwhelmed by the amount of existing possibilities and digital impulses. 

This is even more the case if our current personal or professional situation is not ideal. Often we are afraid to lose control, which makes us holding on to things and concepts which feel familiar and safe to us. Though, at the same time, deep inside we feel that life has more to offer and that the time for a change has come.

What if you'd find out...

  • how to cut off the cords to the rain clouds that are „following“ you?
  • how to let go of destructive thoughts and emotions?
  • how to apply new, more colorful wallpaper to your life?

Are you ready?

Dive deep and gather a new view of life!

This retreat will give you

  • A better understanding and connection to yourself, your wishes and needs
  • More inner peace, love and ease in your life by dissolving old emotional blockages
  • Freedom from your own limits and beliefs to finally create a life you love
  • The ability for deeper family, friend and romantic relationships
  • Tools for everyday life to shift your thoughts and emotions in a positive way

What to expect

On the theoretical side, we get to know our senses better that plug is into reality. Moreover, we analyze our conditioning and belief systems and where they originate from, and we look at communication as the basis for reality creation. 

On the very practical side, we support our learnings with the help of Yoga & Meditation and explore altered states of consciousness in two ceremonies.

Diverse exercises focused on self-reflection help us to question our own beliefs. We will work with tools we can always turn to, transforming our mindset to create the life we love – free from ties we used to hold onto.

Retreat Facilitators


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Iryana is reality researcher, life artist and facilitator.

At a very young age, she experienced the entire world surrounding her being turned upside down. As the USSR broke apart and an independent Ukraine was born, people were torn out of a long lasting painful socialist experiment. They were facing the necessity to re-define themselves and re-evaluate the ways of their existence. 

Having absorbed the notion that nothing is set in stone and that the world is a fascinating dynamic place, which offers so much to discover, she made learning, exploration and experiencing life her priorities. 

She lifted herself out of poverty, traveled to over fifty countries, lived and studied on different continents and followed a corporate career until she realized she was stuck in her comfort zone. This was when she decided to go on a journey around the world to follow her passion of festival blogging. Thereby Iryana discovered her fascination for exploration of consciousness and reality as well as mindfulness and meditation. 

Today, Iryana is working as a facilitator to help others to question and break free from their beliefs and limitations.


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Jana is a free soul with an open-minded spirit and a lion heart.

She went through various downturns in her life to finally understand, that she is the creator of her own misery or luck so that she found the way into her own light through connecting back to her soul. 

After studying in Germany and the US just like Iryana she followed a traditional corporate career path just to discover, that this is not her true pathway. After following her passion for personal development, she took several coaching trainings to become a professional Coach (Systemic Coaching /Kröber, True Power Coaching /Loa Helser, Heartwall Coaching /Bahar Yilmaz & Jeffrey Kastenmüller, Greator Coaching /Walter & Christina Hommelsheim). 

Along that way she founded “Lion Heart Coaching” and left her corporate life behind. Her true soul mission is to connect people with their true self, to bring them to their full potential and to help them finding the purpose they came here for on this earth.

As she experienced her biggest personal growth while travelling South and Central America, it was always her dream to offer Workshops and Coachings in a jungle setting within this beautiful continent. Just now everything fell into place to offer this life changing retreat to the world.


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Tito is Shaman & Reiki master, former Marketing Manager and the founder of Bromelia Retreat Center. 

His energy and presence is unique – he offers specialized Reiki treatments, massages, and Advanced Tachyon Technology, among other healing services.

Tito has been practicing Martial Arts all his life. His master in Reiki was a Tibetan Buddhist Nun ordained by The Dalai Lama himself. 

People from all over the world travel to Bromelia Retreat to experience life-changing retreats and sacred plant ceremonies. Tito and his team are committed to not only helping people heal at all levels but also giving them the skills to heal themselves.

He dedicated his work to release stress and anxiety, calm your mind, connect with yourself and Mother Earth, open your heart, let go of old issues or traumas, create awareness about your aura or chakras and finally learn to give yourself the energy you need to heal on all levels.

Bromelia Center

Bromelia is a retreat center in Manglaralto, Ecuador, in the middle of the jungle and while also within a few driving minutes from Montañita located on the pacific coast.

The center offers space for all kinds of activities, including a Yoga deck, access to a river, in which you can jump and refresh any time, a Jacuzzi, a sacred ceremonial fireplace and a cozy & chilled community area.


While booking you can decide to stay in a private room or in a shared room with another person. 

  • Bathroom in each room
  • Air conditioning
  • Mosquito net
  • Laundry facilities

Tito has co-built Bromelia himself and has paid a lot of attention to the alignment of this space with nature. The guest houses are built around the trees. Every object is placed intentionally. The result is quite magical: everyone who enters Bromelia notices its special positive energy.


Montañita is a cute little surfer village, which is known for the high number of foreigners who have visited it while on vacation & decided to stay. It seems like there is something for everyone here. If you are interested and have time, combine your retreat time with a vacation and enjoy before or after the retreat what this region has to offer:

• Surfing, bathing in the ocean & sunbathing. The temperatures in April are between min. 20°C at night and 30°C during the day.

• Practicing yoga in one of the yoga hostels

• The nightlife - beside countless bars one of the most famous clubs of Ecuador is situated here, The Lost Beach.

Despite its relatively small size, Ecuador has many things to offer. The equator museum near Quito, jungle tours as well as natural springs are definitely major highlights.

What's included?

• 6 nights private jungle accommodations with king-sized bed and en suite bathroom

• 3 daily delicious and healthy vegarian meals from locally sourced producers 

• Water, coffee, tea and fruit during the whole retreat

• Personal onboarding call with one of the facilitators before booking and arrival

• Opening and closing ceremony

• Various workshops and group coachings incl. Meditation and Yoga sessions designed especially for this program, including all materials needed

• Possibility for Plant Medicine Ceremonies guided by Tito incl. integration and sharing circle

• Personal access to the facilitators on a daily basis


$2.200 - private single room (early bird price) - from 01.01.2022: $2.500

$1.900 - shared double room (early bird price) - from 01.01.2022: $2.200

* Additional costs: Airfare to Ecuador (airport Guayaquil), Transport to Bromelia Retreat ($10/bus or $90/taxi) and any extra activities you want to book (e.g. Massages, Reiki, surfing, etc.)

Sample Daily Schedule

09:00 Morning Jungle Yoga Session with Meditation

09:45 Light Breakfast

10:30 Input and discussion about conditionings and belief systems

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Workshop “Lifeline” & reflection

16:00 Little break

16:30 Group sharing

18:00 Sunset Meditation & integration

18:30 Dinner

20:30 Free time / Bonfire

Are you ready for your Personal Transformation?

You are just a few steps away:

1. Click the button and fill out the short application form.

2. We will have a phone call to check your fit for this retreat and clarify your questions.

3. If we all feel good to go on this journey together, you can book your flight and join.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to apply for this retreat?

We want to ensure that this retreat is the right thing for you and therefore we want to get to know you a bit before the booking. By having the application process we can guarantee our participants to have a group of open-minded people that fit together so everyone can get the most out of the experience.


What if I have some questions?

Just apply for the retreat. We will have the first call to clarify all your open questions. You don't have to book the retreat after the call.

If I click the application button, do I buy something?

No. If you apply for the retreat you will have a free call with us to figure out if this retreat is the right thing for you. If we both want to continue the journey, then you can book the retreat and your flight.

Will I get my payment back in case of COVID?

 In case the retreat cannot take place due to COVID, you will receive your money back. If you cannot participate due to COVID, you will also receive your money back.

How can I pay for this retreat?

Payment method: Deposit of US$500 via Paypal when booking. The rest is to be paid when arriving on-site.

We can‘t wait to meet you and host you on your journey!